No this isn’t political

A breathe of fresh air to hit the fresh press. Back to the beginning of blogging. There is so much more to discuss. So let’s take a moment and just remember there is so much more to life. Took some time to get outside and disconnect. Spent a weekend camping and just basically enjoying the company of others. That resulted in a ton of laughter, great conversations and basically getting to know people on a deeper level. Not once did the trouble of the world come up. Basically if we get around folks and away from the NOiSE we can hear each again. I mean really listen. Love one another. Unplug, regroup and just live. 


Starting Point

Ever look back at where you were even 6 months ago and stand amazed at how far the journey has brought you? I’m not big on hanging around in the past but it is encouraging to sometimes reflect a bit. I’ve decided to start this blog to hopefully encourage others while sharing my stories of running, single moming, dating or NOT dating all the while working in a successful career trying to juggle it all! Yes my life is crazy busy and hectic but like I said….when I look back at where I was I am so grateful for every step along the way that has brought me to the place I am now. Let’s prepare for the New Year but taking note of all the ups and downs that occured this year. Time to set some goals and regroup!! Looking at training for my first half marathon. That will be the most challenging goal this year…not because I can’t run that long but more like finding the time to train. I am going to have to all vigilanty about it and literally fight for that hour a day to train. Take no prisoners!! What goals are you setting for 2017? Let’s do this!!!!